Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Working are way down...counting the days

Tick-tock, I don’t own a clock, but if I did I am sure it would make that sound J I think that in spite of that fact that I don’t own a clock I feel that seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months slowly ticking away. It will be a year in site in about 1 month, the time has gone by so very fast, and the cold weather is upon us yet again. Recently the weather has been even less predictable than normal, we go days without rain and then get hit by a storm that has enough water in it that it could sprinkle for days and accumulate as much water as the 1 to 2 hour thunder blunder. My garden has become sparse; my tomatoes were attacked and destroyed by a type of fungus that is made much worse by the thunderstorms. I am currently working on planting some green pepper, onion and more cucumber. The tomato plants in front of my house are doing good, but grow very slow because they only get sun in the morning.

My chicken coop project is in full effect and we recently got the money from the grant we had written to buy the materials (chicken wire, tin roof, and nails) for the construction. However before we start construction we have to finish another 3 trainings on the proper management of chickens and chicken coops. Now that we are going to have the material I am sure the people will be even more animated to attend and participate, as the construction phase of the project is very near. It can be difficult to get people to attend meetings here, because all in all the people here are lazy (my Honduran friends tell this to me frequently when we talk about why people don’t do things). For this project I am trying to instill a sense of responsibility in the people, by making them come to meetings and be on time and for the most part it has gone very well, which tells me that whatever it is that makes people here not go to meetings could be done away with, with the proper motivation!

I am still working with various coffee and vegetable producers, I am going to post a couple of pictures from the other day when we harvested more than 700 pounds of carrots from the terrace beds that one of the producers has. That same day I managed to cut my finger with my machete (first time I have cut my self with my machete). It was just a little slice and it has since then healed, but it made life difficult for a couple days as the cut was right on the tip of my left thumb.

There are so many little things that happen here that could probably be written in my blog, but I right so very rarely that by the time I think about writing I have forgotten most of the things. Such as the electricity project being 95% done and the lamp they recently put up in front of my house. It is now glowing yet but will be very very shortly. Also the fact that I have read more books this year than in the last 5 combined and the year is not nearly over yet. Rachel and I went on vacation in El Salvador in July and that was a really good time. We went to a couple distinct beaches (one for surfing (which we weren’t interested in doing) and one for swimming and lounging (which we took advantage of)). San Salvador was a really cool place, and we went to the biggest mall in Central America when we visited!

That’s all I got for now, as the tick-tock continues I will do my best to write something else on here when I remember. Hasta entonces,


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